This morning, a naval official reported that an Australian warship conducting patrol duties in the Middle East was able to seize a haul of heroin in the amount of 581 kg. The total street value of the cargo is estimated to be over half a billion euro.

Brigadier Nagy Sorial, Australia's Joint Task Force 633 Commander, commented that this was the 2nd biggest haul ever when regarding the Combined Maritime Forces.

CMF is a naval partnership consisting of 30 nations, which is responsible for patrolling 2.5 million square miles of international waters.

“The find made by the Australian maritime forces over the weekend, turned it into one of the most effective heroin interdiction forces in the world,” Brig Sorial commented via a statement.

HMAS Newcastle was able to intercept a stateless dhow right off the east coast of Africa, where her boarding officials managed to uncover the said drugs. The statement left out information regarding which country’s shoreline the vessel was closest to.

The guided missile frigate contributes for enforcing and bettering maritime security, emphasizing on piracy and terrorist activity in the Indian Ocean and Middle East regions, along the lines of the U.S.-led Combined Task Force, which itself functions under the supervision of the CMF.

HMAS Newcastle