Final Cruise for P&O cruise company's Pacific Sun

By Cruise

Pacific Sun cruise liner that belongs to P&O Cruise Company left Brisbane, Australia on Tuesday for its last voyage before its leaving the cruise line’s fleet.
The cruise liner Pacific Sun has been floating with P&O Cruises since 2004 and has sailed over 500 000 people on hundreds of holidays over this time.
The 47,000-ton cruise liner has been sold by P&O Cruises earlier this year as part of Carnival Australia’s continuing renewal of its fleet, but the buyer is still unknown to the wide public.
The CEO of Carnival Australia, Ann Sherry, that handles P&O Cruises, stated that Pacific Sun had been an infinitely famous vessel.
“Pacific Sun has carried many many of thousands of passengers mainly from Australia and New Zealand on great journeys and assisted to build demand for cruising,” Ms Sherry also stated.
“When Pacific Sun joined our fleet of cruise liner 8 years ago, our company, Carnival Australia had only 2 vessels that were based in Australia and now we have 7, we are very proud of – so she has certainly played a role in that growth.”
Pacific Sun’s last cruise is a Pacific Island 7-night voyage.