Salvage of "Rena" Container Ship

By Vessels

The long process for the wreck removal is still in progress, in the same time Braemar uses a ROV to search the sea-bed.

The special equipment is used by Braemar Howells for cleaning Rena. The observation class Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicle (ROV), used to-date in finding submerged container wreckage, has been changed with a working class version.
While the search class equipment provided the scene to confirm sightings, the replacement ROV features a manipulating arm that can hook up and lift scrap wreckage. With this action the container wreckage will be collected without need of people. It can work at different depths and will be in operation in Rena recovery in near future.
Mooring chains are now in position at the Rena for the Unimar recovery barge, which will be collecting scrap from the seabed.
Maritime New Zealand say that the oil spill response has been reduced from a Tier 3, or national level, to Tier 2, or regional level, response.