Havyard has managed to acquire a contract for designing and subsequently building a Havyard 858 L WE subsea vessel that will operate for an international shipping company, as reported via a press statement.

The ship in question features a brand new Havyard 858 L WE design and is scheduled for delivery for Q2 of 2017. The value of the contract sits at roughly NOK 700 million.

Havyard Acquires Contract To Construct New Subsea Vessel

Given the oil industry’s current situation, companies in general are going through a rough patch, and Havyard is no exception. Neglecting that fact, however, the company’s Norway-based shipyard has a rather good order book having orders for 8 vessels that are to be delivered in two years, in the summer of 2017. Following the purse seiner Smaragd that is to be delivered later on this month, the shipyard is going to deliver 3 icebreaker vessels along with a platform supply vessel, a live fish carrier, a new subsea vessel and a windmill service vessel.

Norway’s Havyard Design & Solutions is responsible for the vessel’s design. The ship will conduct IMR (Inspection Maintenance and Repair) and various light construction operations regarding subsea installations. It will be equipped with DP3 (Dynamic Positioning) Class, that along with other various components will contribute for having better safety and redundancy to deal with situations involving potential flooding and fire. The ship will be able to accommodate 140 passengers in either single or double cabins and will also feature large day rooms, office facilities, a sky lounge and a heli reception/ cinema. The Havyard 858 LWE’s fore ship features a design aiming to provide optimal performance while regarding fuel economy levels and crew comfort in calm as well as rough sea conditions.

The vessel has a length of 121 meters, a breadth of 24 meters and a maximum speed level of 14 knots. Its deck area is 1500 m2 and it is equipped with offshore cranes with a capacity of 250 tonnes + 30 tonnes.