Greek news media reported about a small yacht that bursted into flames on Thursday (July 2) near the port of Piraeus, Greece.

According to the local marine authorities, there were continuous explosions while the 25-meter-long yacht was burning.

On board the Greek-flagged Ocean 5 there were 10 passengers, who have managed to leave the boat.

Two small boats, several rubber boats, sailing ship Calypso and a Firefighting tug of the Greek Marine Forces were dispatched to the incident location.

All 10 passengers were transferred on board the sailing ship Calypso, safe and in good condition.

At the beginning, the fire extinguishing was hampered because of the small explosions on board, but later the firefighting teams managed to take control over the fire.

The yacht, despite the efforts of the teams, sank shortly after that. There are no reports for oil spill, however a control pollution boat was dispatched to the scene to monitor the situation.

According to preliminary information, the passengers on board jumped into the sea, wearing their lifejackets and soon after the yacht burst into flames, having no chance to send an emergency call to the local marine units.

The Marine authorities have been informed from the Calypso’s crew after the people were picked up from the water.

All passengers were later transferred to the Central Coast Guard Unit of the port of Piraeus for questioning and further investigation of the incident.