The 36-member Australian crew onboard the MR tanker Alexander Spirit are refusing to take the Teekay-operated vessel to Singapore after being told they will be dismissed upon its arrival.

The vessel is currently anchored at Devenport, Tasmania, with 18 crew members remaining on board.

Current position of Alexander Spirit

Crew refuse to sail Teekay oil tanker in protest. alexander spirit

Photo: Captain Gill Whitton

Australian media reports that the crew has filed an application for a hearing in Fair Work Australia. The 36 seafarers, who had delivered fuel from Caltex, understood that they would be taken over by an international crew.

The crew is demanding answers from Teekay.

“We will stay put till we get answers. We were contracted ’til 2019 and found out our fate while docked in Hobart.” says Andy Poynter, a crew member.

Today some 200 protesters marched through the streets of Devonport to show support for the protesting crew.