On July 12th, the Kruzenshtern barque and tall ship moored at Svetly, in the vicinity of Kaliningrad in order to be repaired for some minor damages that she sustained in a collision accident with two Iceland Coast Guard ships in the Reykjavik port, as commented by the vessel’s owner, Kaliningrad State Technical University.

Ship Repair-Zapad LLC is going to carry out the necessary repairs regarding the STS Kruzenshtern’s damaged bowsprit. Given that the damages are not significant the barque has no need for an overhaul over at a yard.

On June 11th, the Kruzenshtern, the world’s 2nd biggest sailing ship, collided with two Iceland Coast Guard vessels at the Reykjavik port, while departing from the Reykjavik harbor. The collision resulted in the Thor Coast Guard vessel sustaining a hole in the deck which led to her being put out of commission. The other CG boat sustained minor damage to its signal mast.


Photo: Wolfgang Berthel

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