Bureau Veritas Pushes a New IT-based System for Vessel Certification

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International classification community Bureau Veritas has put in place a totally new certification and vessel status system based on IT strived at decreasing the workload of vesselowners and operators and simplification of the access to vessel database and status.
“In a community where so much is now made online vessels' certificates are the last great part of outdated paperwork,” says Ships in Service Director, Claude Maillot of the international company Bureau Veritas. “We have watched the vessel's classification certificate increase from one plain page into a document with lots of pages and annexes that are built up of both printed and handwritten entries. It is severe, error-prone, open to complexity and difficult to support. The international classification company Bureau Veritas’ new certification IT based system once more gets the vessel's Certificate of Classification a plain one page document. Anything else is online in a standardised and simple to access format. That cuts down the opportunities of error, confusion and deception and gives us the chance to add new services to make life quite more efficient for vessels' owners and operators.”
The new IT-based system also enables the vessel’s personnel to update the main record via VeriSTAR Info when scheduled support items have to be made by a particular date. The item is then revised by a BV surveyor on the next vessel visit. “Masters are going to love the new IT system and the Vessel Documents folder and USB-key systems that Bureau Veritas is going to supply to all vessels because it forces organisation of all the paperwork needed for PSC and charters’ inspections quite more simple to support and present,” stated Maillot. “This sounds easy, and lightness is what we aim to secure, but we may only do this now IT has caught up with the requirements of shipping.”