Princess Stops Internet Perk for Suite Cruisers

By Cruise

Princess Cruises is backpedaling litlle on its removal of limitless Internet access for suite cruisers. Rather than to refuse to grandfather in passengers that had reserved their rooms prior to the change (as the line had originally intended to do), Princess is going to honor the offer of limitless Internet access to all suite cruisers that had booked before Jul 15, 2012.
The change to the suite conveniences came in late June when the cruise company Princess quietly stopped its unlimited Internet access for suite passengers. In that place, the line is now offering complimentary feature dining on embarkation day. The cruise line company did not tell its currently booked suite cruisers or travel agents about the changes; it just updated the amenity list and took away the Internet access.
Cruisers were not the only ones that left out of the communication loop. The Princess Cruises specialist and owner of The Flagg Agency, Chuck Flagg, stated Princess company had never contacted anything to him about the changes in internet access.
Princess assumed that Princess did not "properly" connect the modifications to the amenities list. "We apologize that this information was not correctly communicated in advance, and we are going to be in touch with cruisers soon, that reserved an apartment prior to the change and schedule to use the Internet onboard."
The international cruise line will not clarify what was liable for the "bandwidth limitations," though some people may be abuse the perk by proposing them their limitless-access codes for internet to non-suite cruisers.