The captain of Costa Concordia was not on bridge when the vessel ran aground

By Cruise

Francesco Schettino announced he thought all the time about the dead people but said others should also share the blame, telling the cruise vessel had been under the command of another officer at the time it ran aground off the island of Giglio in start of this year.
Costa Concordia captain Francesco Schettino has given an interview on Italian TV to say sorry for the tragedy.
"When there's an tragedy, it is not just the vessel that is identified or the owner of the company, the captain is identified and so it's normal that I should apologize as a representative of this system," Schettino said Italy's Canale 5 television.
He announced that he blamed himself for not being focused but told he had not been on the bridge when the accident occurred.
"At that moment, I went up to the deck and ordered the ship to be put on manual navigation and I didn't have command, that's to say being in charge of sailing the ship, that was the officer," he told.
Schettino is not guilty for himself including manslaughter and causing a shipwreck.
An Italian judge has stopped Schettino's house arrest, but informed he must not leave his hometown, near Naples, while the investigation is in progress.
In a letter showed recently in Italy's La Corriere della Sera newspaper, Schettino insisted that he had saved many people by steering the stricken Ship into shallow water.