Carnival claim Attorney comments on captain's apology

By Curious

Ronai & Ronai, LLP, Counsel for the family of deceased Hungarian musician Szandor Fehrer & Hungarian survivors of the Costa Concordia disaster, announced what he thinks.
The words are as follows:
The public saying sorry of Captain Schettino while showing that he is taking a sliver of responsibility for the disaster, didn't make any genuine remorse for what happened. Indeed, he said to being not focused because of his cell phone, but his saying sorry fails to address the fact that the maneuvering of the boat so close to shore was a bad idea, which had been done on occasions in the past and with apparent permission or on direction of the firm he worked for.
Holly Ostrov Ronai, Esq. informed that "Captain Schettino's saying is just the beginning. The cruise firms, Carnival PLC, Carnival Corporation and Costa Crociere, S.p.A., must take responsibility for this disaster and express an apology to the people involved in the tragedy, rather than attacking their tries to bring suit in this country where the companies are actually situated.."
Ronai & Ronai, LLP, in this days filed suit in the U.S. on behalf of the Hungarian Concordia people involved in the accident, wanting for damages of 200 million dollars.
People who survived in this disaster and families of the deceased want to learn the truth about what was wrong and why, and the multiple causes of this disaster will be uncovered during litigation.