Excelerate Energy L.P. has reported the completion of the very first Ship-to-Ship (STS) LNG transfer at the Engro Elengry LNG Terminal in the Qasim Port of Pakistan.

Excelerate’s Exquisite floating storage and re-gasification unit (FSRU) was given 130,000 cubic meters of LNG by the FSRU Excelerate via the use of the double-banked LNG transferring system. The said operation marked the 500th commercial STS operation of the company that employed the use of the double-banker cryogenic transferring system technology, which is the product of Excelerate.

After being commissioned in the later part of March, this year, the terminal employed the Exquisite for the purposes of cargo delivery as well as re-gasification. The terminal is going to continue receiving LNG supplies through periodical STS transfers thus providing for a continuous gas flow into the local gas distribution system.

Excelerate Energy managed to develop and implement the first ever STS transfer system for the purposes of delivering LNG to re-gasification vessel units back in the year 2005 for optimizing re-gasification vessels’ capabilities and in order to provide a satisfactory solution for the provision of a continuous supply to serve the needs of the market. STS transfers have been accepted on a commercial level and have earned their place in a vast array of environments such as ocean open locations and protected bodies of water at various locations between the market delivery points and the respective LNG load ports. To this day, Excelerate has been able to successfully carry out more than 785 STS operations, accounting for transfers of more than 83,000,000 cubic meters via the use of its STS protocol.