Fire broke onboard the passenger ship Freedom of the Seas of Royal Caribbean International on Wednesday, July 22 in Falmouth, Jamaica.

One crew member was injured during the incident, suffering first-degree burns. All passengers are safe, however they have been gathered to their emergency stations, as a precautionary measure.

Freedom of the Seas departed from Cape Canaveral on Sunday with 4,454 passengers and 1,428 crew on board.

According to a company statement, all systems onboard the ship were normally functioning.

At around 9:15am local time, a fire started in a mechanical area at the top of the 9-year-old ship as it was maneuvering to enter the port of Falmouth, Jamaica.

The ship’s smoke detectors raised an alarm and all fire suppression systems were immediately activated. After an hour and half the fire was extinguished. There is still no information what caused the fire incident.

Passengers were allowed to go ashore in Falmouth around 1 p.m.

In a statement, Royal Caribbean Cruises informed that the ship would continue on its scheduled itinerary with the next stop Thursday in George Town, Grand Cayman.

The seven-day Western Caribbean cruise of Freedom of the Seas also includes stops in the Labadee port in Haiti and Cozumel. No future itineraries will be changed as a result of the fire.

There is an ongoing investigation to determine what caused the fire. It was also announced that the U.S. Coast Guard will inspect the ship when it goes back to a U.S. port.