Law against piracy in Cyprus

By Piracy

Defense of Cyprus vessels against Acts of Piracy and Other Unlawful Acts Law 2012.
The Protection of Cyprus Ships against Acts of Piracy and Other Unlawful Acts Law 2012 has been introduced after publication in the Official Gazette on June 15 2012 (for more info on this subject please look at "Draft law on protection of Cyprus ships from acts of piracy").
The law is accordance the International Maritime Organization regarding the use of privately contracted armed security personnel on board vessel sailing in high-risk region. It is coordinated also with the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea, the rights of a state as a port and a coastal state within its internal waters, territorial sea and contiguous zone.
The region of the law extends beyond actions and tries of piracy and ports to point all unlawful acts against a vessel or tries to violate the security of the vessel. It includes a broad definition of 'unlawful acts' to sum up any action or suspicious act or circumstance which, by its nature or context, attack the security of the vessel or may deal damage to the vessel, to people on board or to the cargo.
The law gives that Cyprus vessels sailing through high-risk regions must implement compulsory security things over and above those set out in Chapter XI-2 of the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea and the International Ship and Port Facility Security Code, taking into account the relevant recommendations and guidelines displayed by the International Maritime Organization and the shipping business.