A group of shipwreck hunters has found a ship lost for for 116 years in the Lake Michigan's depths.

On February 12, 1899, the steamer John V. Moran was sailing from Milwaukee to Muskegon, when it went down. A few days earlier, the vessel had sustained a hole in its hull caused by ice.

The crew members and all valuable goods were saved before John V. Moran disappeared in the freezing weather.

Vanished for more than a century, the vessel was discovered in the beginning of June.

“There it was. The bottom out there is flat, and then this big image shows up on the print out,” explained Jeff Voss, a member of the team.

Initially the discovery was kept under wraps. Then, equipment was sent to get clearer images.

The co-director of the Michigan Shipwreck Research Association, Craig Rich, commented for the press:

“Not a railing is missing. The mast is standing. The lights are standing. The anchors are in position. There’s even glass still in the windows. The only thing missing from this wreck is the smokestack.”