New Technology to prevent piracy

By Piracy

New technology to stop pirates is a talk number 1 at this year’s SMM conference in Hamburg, Germany. Westmark BV’s developed P-trap anti-boarding device is now giving vessel-owners with a non-lethal obstruction to make ships hard to attack from gangs.
The P-trap(Pirate Trap) will be exposed to all at the maritime trade show SMM, located in Hamburg Germany from September 4 - 7. Trade show guests can view a small model of the P-trap as well as a visual presentation, with test results from the navy, coastguard and rescue authorities at Westmark and Vecom booths.
Westmark BV is a company located in the Netherlands, designed the P-trap, an engine stopping system which generates a security zone around the perimeter of the vessel and prevents other ships from arriving too close and trying to board the ship. Side booms extend from the bow on all sides of the vessel, carrying a set of long thin lines that are dragged just below the water surface, thus making a obstruction along the entire length of the vessel. A pirate skiff or whaler approaching the security zone will inevitably run into the lines, which are created to disable the engine, leaving the pirate skiff now working. The P-trap is modeled to guard all the time against several simultaneous raids day and night and does not need crew participation once deployed before entering high risk regions.
Westmark has designed some P-trap systems, invented to fit most seagoing vessels. “The P-trap concept is as simple as locking your doors and windows before going to bed at night. It’s practical and it makes sense,” told Lodewijk Westerbeek van Eerten, designer of P-trap.
A year ago P-trap was named finalist at the Lloyd’s List Awards, Global 2011, finalist at the Seatrade Awards 2011 and won at the Safety at Sea International Awards 2011 in the security category by Fairplay.