National Cruise Week in the United Kingdom: September 15 -23

By Cruise

The 5th annual National Cruise Week is definded for September 15 – 23 in the United Kingdom. The theme os this year is ‘Greatest Journeys’ with the campaign underlining great cruise routes focusing on destinations all over the world and the host of experiences which is available onboard.
More special the focus is going to be to attract new to cruise users on board an ocean or river cruise liner itineraries – “holidaymakers that are going to be wowed by 1000+ ports all over the world, experiences and routes on offer from the forty one cruise line members of Discover Cruises,” according to information on behalf of the Passenger Shipping Association (PSA).
The statement tells: “While the cruise industry has faced considerable challenges so far this year, over 1.7 million (United Kingdom) passengers took a cruise in 2011 and it is expected these figures are going to continue to grow over the coming years. There has never been a better time for the United Kingdom users to reserve a cruise holiday and savvy cruisers might snap up ‘greatest value offers’ throughout National Cruise Week when single cruise lines are going to be issuing particuar offers and value-added incentives. ACE (Association of Cruise Expert) agents are going also to be hosting a range of events and afternoon teas, where cruisers might enjoy a ‘cruise cuppa’ and those new to cruise may have expert advice on finding the ideal cruise journey and be inspired to take their own greatest holiday.”
The director of the PSA, William Gibbons, stated: “This is the 5th National Cruise Week and it has won a momentum all of its own. We can't shy away from the circumstance that the industry has challenged the begining to the year; however, cruising is still keep growing in popularity. This is why a cruise journey offers extraordinary value with a huge range of accommodations and routes from the top-end exclusive, intimate cruises to the family fun journey, all including meals and entertainment.