Nigeria Bonga oil spill - Shell will be fined $5 billion

By Accidents

Oil spill disaster for Africa - around 40,000 barrels are in the ocean.
Shell will be fined probably $5 billion over Nigeria Bonga oil disaster.
Shell announced 2 days ago there was no legal point for the proposed fine.
NOSDRA told the incident was a result by a failure in Shell's oil export hose.
The spill affected approximately 950 square km of water surface and a lot of sensitive environmental resources.
It affected the people living from fishing.
What was the version of Shell? The company told that last December's incident happened while a tanker was loading oil, leading to the complete shutdown of the company's 200,000 barrel per day (bpd) Bonga facility, about 120 kilometers off the coast of the West African nation.

Oil spill incidents are common in the mangrove creeks onshore Nigeria. Many are a result from sabotage strikes or oil gangs tapping into pipelines to take oil for free. Several organizations have taken Shell to court over a failure to take care of the spills.