Zanzibar ferry tragedy, 100 people missing

By Accidents

100 people missing after a Tanzanian ferry went under water.
Rescue operation showed that an estimated 100 people are missing.
The ferry departures from the city of Dar es Salaam on mainland Tanzania on 2 days ago with 290 people on board.
So far 31 bodies have been recovered and more than a hundred people saved.
Zanzibar's police announced that the AFP news agency he feared there was now no hope of finding more people survived from the MV Skagit ferry accident.
Searching for survivors it's not ended but the chance for finding survivors is small.
3 days of mourning
People who were on board informed they think some of the passengers became trapped in the boat when it capsized in strong winds.
3 days of national mourning were declared by the President.
Zanzibar's transport minister announced that 2 Europeans are among the victims.
Bad weather is stopping the rescue operation.
Last September, about two hundred passengers died when an overcrowded boat with 800 passengers aboard sank off Zanzibar.