The Forsaken Container Vessel 'MSC Flaminia' Salvage

By Accidents

Fire fighting, salvage actions, keep going on the forsaken container vessel mid-Atlantic after last week's cargo explosion.
Three tug vessels with fire-fighting capacity are now at the scene.
After the arrival of the 2nd firefighting tug vessel, Anglian Sovereign, a party of 4 salvage specialists boarded the burning container vessel MSC Flaminia, and had the ability to reactivate the vessel's own firefighting system, that is now operating in maintenance of the fire-fighting tugs' efforts.
Due to injured cargo and extinguishing water the vessel is listing by 8.5 degrees.
The extent of the injury onboard MSC Flaminia is significant. Cargo holds four, where the fire originated from, as well as holds five and six are demolished. According to salvage specialists cargo hold 7, which is located adjacent to the superstructure, is not on fire.
The superstructure itself, the engine room as well as bow and stern – which includes and the steering gear – are all not injured by the fire.