Arctic Circle Swimming Holiday

By Cruise

Swimmers that love to fill over a lap of the lido this summer need to consider a new bathing route - the Arctic Circle.
Wetsuits are substantial on the open water adventure proposed by Coningham-Rolls Swimming Holidays, that it claims is the 1st swimming trek to the area.
The challenging swim skirts the Lofoten Islands in Norway, known for their granite hills and brightly-painted fishing places.
Temperatures in the coastal waters are not as bone-chillingly cold as one may think. The ocean has the least temperature change of anywhere in the Arctic Circle and hovers among fourteen – sixteen degrees Celsius due to the Gulf Stream.
Every day, the group schedules to cover five km, split into 2 swims. There is going to be a complete safety escort throughout with canoes and qualified swim guides that are also going to be able to advise on technique.