European Union CAN NOT inspect Russian vessels for weapons bound for Syria

By Curious

The EU needs to inspect vessels bound for Syria to define if they violate EU's arms embargo. However the principal of the Center for Analysis of Strategies and Technology says it would be unlawful to inspect Russian ships.
Roman Pukhov, the principal of the center said in a stetement:
"Only airplane and vessels of the European Union are object to this requirement,” “The European Union has no international juridical right to investigate onboard of aircraft and vessels belonging to countries which are not its members, which also includes and Russia."
According to media statements the European Union schedules to adopt a resolution on Monday that would allow officials the right to investigate aircraft and vessels suspected of violating the weapons embargo the European Union imposed on Syria. The director Pukhov, told it wouldn't be possible for EU officials to juridically inspect Russian vessels. Pukhov told that Russia was continuing military-technical collaboration in accordance with international law.
Pushkov stated that Syria is not under UN Security Council sanctions and hence weapons shipments to the Syrian ministry are not banned. However Russia is obviously delaying provision of its shipment of 3 attack helicopters according to an anonymous military source. The helicopters are to be delivered after security is restored. The official told in a statement."
The decision of Russia to slowdown the Syrian delivery timeframe is founded on the increasing military and political situation in the country and the act of terror in that some senior Syrian officials were killed and wounded,""In this situations, the governments aren't able to guarantee the safe reception of the helicopters."