Zanzibar ferry tragedy - 145 killed, rescue operation canceled

By Accidents

Zanzibar authorities told on Sunday, after the rescue operation to find survivors was cancelled, 145 people killed in the disaster in Indian Ocean.
There were too many people on MV Skagit/Kalama with some foreigners, was heading to Zanzibar, a famous tourist destination, from mainland Tanzania a week ago when it capsized and sank.
Spokesman of the police informed that the ferry was transporting 290 people. Recent information shows that 145 were rescued, found bodies 73 and 72 people missing.
4 days since the tragedy occurred, no more survivors couldn't be found. Missing people are considered dead.
Local Police announced that had arrested 6 people 3 days ago as a result of an investigation into the ferry tragedy.
Among arrested people are the owner, the captain and 4 more crew members.
After inspecting what was the cause of that disaster court will decide what to do with the responsible people.
On Friday, police fought with adherent of a separatist Islamist group in Zanzibar who had gathered at a mosque to pray for the victims of the tragedy.
Police had arrested 43 people of the Uamsho (Awakening) group in the conflict.
No regulations were created and safety wasn't improved since last September when the worst ferry tragedy in the maritime history of Zanzibar happened, when more than 200 passengers perished.