Royal Caribbean and Costa Cruise Lines going back to Bahrain

By Cruise

In a move to capitalise on the rapidly growing tourism market of Bahrain, Royal Caribbean and Costa Cruise Company are told to be considering reopening itineraries to the island nation of Bahrain.
Mohammed Al Subaie, who is Bahrain’s tourism marketing and promotion acting manager, of the Ministry of Tourism told in a statement that the cruise lines are considering retuning cruise liners to Bahrain based on the progress and stabilisation made in the last few months. The cruise lines postponed service to Bahrain a year ago, due to political unrest, but with a conscious government effort towards reconciliation, tourism has constantly increased.
In an effort to stimul the tourism market, the ministry of Bahrain set numerous new policies to make it quite more desirable to add Bahrain again as a desired place for holidays, which includes reducing port fees.