Braemar Engineering’s all new Second Failure Module dynamic positioning (DP) software has been integrated aboard a client’s vessel, as stated by the company.

Braemar Engineering Manager DP and Offshore Projects, Kyle Eddings, commented in front of delegates at this week’s IMCA Asian Dynamic Positioning Conference that took place in Singapore that the first Second Failure Module is currently going through Beta Testing procedures.

Braemar Engineering Predictive DP Software Tool

Braemar Engineering is responsible for developing the Second Failure Module, which is a one-of-a-kind software tool that contributes for a more thorough understanding of a given DP system. It makes it possible for the crew and vessel operators to examine second level failures and comprehend in a more clear manner the effects they are going to inflict on the power plant and DP capability and thus minimize the risks in advance.

When a single failure is to occur, the tool is going to help the crew identify it quickly and determine the degree of which their DP is vulnerable to experiencing a second failure. This will make it possible for the crew to better decide what course of action to take in a given trouble situation.

The tool also contributes greatly in operators’efforts of planning prolonged DP operations, in which critical preventive maintenance calls for some equipment to be shut down for a given time period. In addition, the Second Failure Module serves as an important training tool, making it possible for DP and engineering staff members to evaluate the first and second failure effects regarding their equipment and determine the best way of minimizing the associated risks.

“Given an easy to use, interactive application that contains all of the necessary DP info, trials procedures and drawings, the crew members, operators and owner of a particular ship will have easy access to the entire DP system,” commented Geoff Green, Braemar Engineering, Managing Director.

The Second Failure Module offers a fairly easy usage and the possibility of being interfaced with any potential Alarm & Monitoring System for achieving optimum levels of functionality. The software can easily be utilized by owners and operators in order to produce accurate Vessels Specific Operating Procedures.

It can also work in conjunction with the WIRE exclusive tool of Braemar Engineering. WIRE is an interactive Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA) tool that is maintained and receives periodic updates as the given ship ages. It further enhances and develops the functions of the Second Failure Module, giving the full FMEA text, trial procedures info and all related drawings via an interactive platform that comes along with a fully optimized search option.