The Maxima-120 is the biggest totally enclosed lifeboat (TELB) in the history of Norsafe, the Norwegian company which is the global market leader in marine life-saving systems for the merchant and offshore markets.

The boat is built for large ships and offshore vessels and installations in accordance to SOLAS 83, IMO LSA Code, NMD Reg FOR 853, GOM, UK Sector, (HSE) and has design features based on latest OLF studies / DNV-OS-E406 standard.

The 12m long TELB has a capacity of 150 SOLAS persons, and has similar design to Norsafe large free-fall lifeboats.

 "The Maxima-120 was originally meant to be used on offshore installations and vessels where free-fall lifeboats are not an option. In addition to being a SOLAS-boat, it is designed to meet future regulations of conventional lifeboats," says boat engineer and product manager Kaja Olsen Tjoflat in Norsafe.

The boat has integrated longitudinal double stiffeners in the hull for added strength, longitudinal seating and possibilities for LED cabin lights, large engines, box thrusters and LNA (Lifeboat Navigation Assistance).

It has its cockpit situated in the centre of the lifeboat, with extra space and larger windows for better visibility. It has the new TOR MK2 hook release system, which is certified in accordance with the new regulations MSC 320/321 and athwartship passage internal seating for quick embarkation. The prototype boat is currently in the production phase.