Bunga Alpinia Fire Onboard Contained, still Missing Crew

By Accidents

The fire on the board of the tanker Bunga Alpinia has been already contained and presently, further cooling endeavors on the board are ongoing.
The Labuan Fire & Rescue Department will managed an assessment of the tanker before authorising a search endeavor to be managed on the board for the still missing 4 crew members.
We affirm that the injured is Malaysian, Shahril Azmi Bin Baharudin, a Greaser on the board of the tanker Bunga Alpinia. MISC is providing all needed support possible to the families of the injured and the 4 missing sailors.
In the meantime, MISC has mobilised industry professionals to maintenance the Malaysian authorities in assuring the continued protection of the environment, ship and community surrounding the region. MISC Berhad is also collaborating fully with the authorities in relation to the investigations.