Propulsion Technology for Wind Turbine Installation Ship

By Vessels

Voith Turbo BV told in a statement an agreeement to equip a wind turbine installation ship with Voith Schneider Propellers (VSPs) and a Voith inline Thruster (VIT).
Built at one of the biggest international shipbuilding companies, Cosco Shipyard Group Co. Ltd, China, the newbuilding is going to be 132 meters-long and 39 meters-wide with whole capacity of 5,000 tonnes.
The client is the offshore installation company A2SEA which is based in Denmark. Voith is going to provide 3 VSPs for the basic propulsion technology with a power of 3,800 kW each, and also a type 2300 - 1500 VIT with an input power of 1,500 kW. The new ship is going to have a crane capacity of 900 tonnes and is planned to enter service in the middle of 2014. It is similar to A2SEA´s installation ship "Sea Installer", that is currently nearing completion and is going soon to be transferred from China to Europe.