Update: Plans to Salvage Sunken Dutch Freighter Flinterstar Kicked Off

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Dutch shipping company Flinter has started talks with salvage and insurance companies to salvage the general cargo ship Flinterstar which sank Tuesday morning after colliding with the LNG tanker Al-Oraiq in the North Sea, some 6 miles off the Belgian port of Zeebrugge.

Plans to Salvage Sunken Dutch Freighter Kicked Off

Image: REUTERS/Benny Proot

Flinter confirmed that all crew members who were aboard the 2002-built freighter at the time of the accident are safe and unharmed. The sunken ship’s position has stabilized, according to Flinter.

Dutch and Belgian authorities received a report about the collision between the two vessels in the morning hours of October 6.

Image: REUTERS/Benny Proot

The Flinterstar’s crew went overboard after the hit, and were rescued from the cold water by the local coast guard teams and the crew of the Al-Oraiq.

Image: REUTERS/Benny Proot

Belgian authorities have also been tackling the oil spill coming from the sunken freighter. The spill is reportedly moving towards the coastline.

The Marshall Islands-flagged Al Oraiq is in a stable condition and is currently discharging at Zeebrugge, the vessel’s manager, K Line LNG Shipping (UK) Limited, said.

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