The Missing Passengers of Carnival Cruise Vessel are Found

By Accidents

Police in Jamaica were searching for the 3 americans that disappeared on Thursday after arriving in the country on a Carnival cruise vessel.
Carnival company told in a statement the 3 passengers, all from the same family, failed to reboard the ship on Thursday following a day-long call in the Jamaican port of Ocho Rios.
"The family disembarked the ship on their own and were not participating in a shore excursion organized by the vessel," the line told in a statement. "All relevant authorities were notified and Carnival's CareTeam has gone out to the family's emergency contact numbers listed in their booking history, and also the travel agent that booked the cruise. "
According to the police reports the missing americans were: Donald Henderson, 45; Maria Henderson, 43; and Aja Henderson, 21.
Carnival company told in its statement that it would going to continue to work with authorities in an effort to find the passengers. The Carnival Freedom is on a 6-day cruise that departed Fort Lauderdale on Sunday. It returns to the Florida port on Saturday.
The 3 american tourists of the Carnival cruise reported as missing in Jamaica since Thursday have been found at a Jamaican beach house in good health conditions. The news outlet are saying arrangements are being made for the passengers to return home to the United States of America.