MSC Flaminia Already in the UK Coast

By Accidents

Reederei NSB stated yesterday that the fired container vessel MSC Flaminia and the accompanying group of tug vessels have assumed a waiting place nearly 100 n.m. off the British coast. While the team of firefighting professionals is on the board of the vessel MSC Flaminia, the ship is not towed.
Yesterday, a team of firefighting professionals has again boarded the burned ship MSC Flaminia. It is yet not sure when a one-by-one inspection of containers might commence. This investigation aims at ignoring any smoldering fires inside of containers. Firefighting and shipbuilding professionals on site are between other things assessing the stability of the ship.
Overall, the environment on the board of the container vessel MSC Flaminia continues to improve. According to firefighting professionals, nearly no smoke generation might be observed from cargo holds four and five. Nevertheless, hotspots inside of single containers need still to be reckoned with.
A permission to enter a sheltered coastal region is going to be decided upon by authorities in the coming few days.
Once the ship has arrived at a so-called “sheltered place”, a secure sea region near to the shore, further, more thorough investigations might be continued.