'Naff seaside resorts' is the Advertisement of a French Travel Company

By Cruise

The advertisement of a travel company that was deriding 3 French seaside resorts as "naff," has been removed amongst outcries from the cities' mayors and residents.
The controversial advertisement campaign by French travel operator, Degriftour, planned to promote their low-cost trips to foreign locations, compared their destinations to sea resorts Palavas-les-Flots, La Grande-Motte or Argelès-sur-Mer in the Languedoc-Roussillon area.
Outraged that their cities have been used in the advertisement, mayors were quick to demand it be withdrawn.
La Grande-Motte mayor, Stephan Rossignol told in a statement, he was "scandalised," when he saw the publicity, that he told was a false representation of an attractive holiday place.
"They're stuck in an old cliché. They're the has-beens!" told Mr Rossignol. He also told 5 of the twelve hotels in the city have 4 stars, and that a casino just opened, costing eighteen million euros (£145 million).
"Would there be this investment if we were naff?" he concluded with the question intended to the travel company.