Unbelievable: MSC Flaminia Towed Back Further off Coast

By Accidents

Bad weather conditions, a still smouldering hold, are the reasons the tow to pull back out of the 200-mile zone the burned container vessel MSC Flaminia.
The crew of firefighting professionals is unable to go on the board of the fired container vessel MSC Flaminia due to bad weather conditions, and in the coming few days a further deterioration of the weather is predicted.
Consequently, MSC Flaminia and the group of tug vessels have pulled out of the 200 mile zone and support a position nearly 200 miles off the British coast.

According to the salvage crew on site the fire in cargo holds four, five and six has been put out. However, smoke is still visible over the cargo hold seven and the temperatures in this place are still rising.
The fired container vessel MSC Flaminia is still listing by ten degrees.

A decision to enter a sheltered coastal place has not yet been made but it is expected in soon.