Exclusive: Prison onboard of OCEAN STAR PACIFIC

By Curious

Spyridon I. Diakoumakos who is the second officer of Ocean Star Cruises’ MV OCEAN STAR PACIFIC has warned about miserable conditions on the board of the cruise vessel that is currently moored at Mazatlan, Mexico.
The second officer and his crew members have informed that they have been unpaid and provisions are running out. Mr. Diakoumakos says how Greek, Bulgarian, Romanian and Indonesian deck and engine crew members and officers are living “like prisoners” in unhygienic conditions and subsisting on expired food with no help in sight.
There also has a fire on the generator on her second cruise off the coast of Huatulco forcing the evacuation of 522 cruisers and 226 crew members in April 2011. The cruise vessel was finally towed towed to Salinas Cruz to be repaired. An information about this past spring about a possible charter for use as an hotel vessel in Korea has apparently fallen through.
A pioneering cruise vessel, OCEAN STAR PACIFIC was built in 1971 as the 724 passenger NORDIC PRINCE for one of the biggest companies in that branch Royal Caribbean Cruises and lengthened in 1980 with a new midsection. In 1995, the cruise vessel Ocean Star was sold to British operator Airtours and renamed CAROUSEL and in 2004, the cruise liner was sold to Louis Cruises that renamed her AQUAMARINE the following year. Between 2006 and 2008, the cruise liner was chartered to German-based Transocean under the name ARIELLE before to be reverted to Louis again as AQUAMARINE. In late 2010, AQUAMARINE was sold to Ocean Star for USD $23 million.
The remaining crew members on the board of the cruise liner are praying to be paid and wish to return home.