Maersk Container Vessel's Accident while Unloading

By Accidents

When dockers had been unloading 'Maesrk Kinloss' in Iliychevsk, Ukraine, noted some containers injured by explosion.
The container that is a reason of the explosion was loaded with the unsafe cargo of aluminum phosphide in a cargo hold. The following fire has been the reason to damage the container very serious and also to cause serious damage to closest containers.
On the board of Maersk Kinloss was a total of 2082 containers, 683 of which have been discharged in the port of Iliychevsk. The dock laborers found 3 TEU with the cargoes aluminium phosphide and oxidizer that were stowed in the cargo hold, in violation of the carriage of unsafe cargo safety regulations.
It was thought that the major reason for the incident, and violation of the stowage regulations, could be incorrect declaration of cargo.
The port authorities evacuated the vessel and vicinity, as the burning aluminium phosphide is highly poisonous. 2 emergency squads were sent to the scene of the incident to check the atmosphere on Maersk Kinloss. The port authorities started an investigation of the incident.