Air New Zealand Doubling Flights to Japan

By Cruise

Air New Zealand is increasing the number of charter flights it operates among Japan and New Zealand double times, with fourteen from 7 Japanese towns that has been confirmed for this summer season.
Exactly 6 of the charter flights are going to operate non-stop from Nagoya, Japan into Christchurch, with the remainder flying into Auckland.
The charter schedule that is additional to Air New Zealand’s regular programme services from Tokyo and Osaka, is expected to bring up to 3,200 more Japanese travellers into New Zealand over the peak summer months.
Ed Overy, who is the General Manager of Air New Zealand for Japan told in a statement the considerable growth in charter flights this summer is effecting the strong growth in demand from the Japan area.
“This is our 4th year of charter operations. We keep going to be very encouraged by the appetite for routes New Zealand from regional Japan and are particularly pleased to be offering charter flights from new destinations within Japan this year.
“Last summer we managed 7 charters from Japan - 4 from Nagoya, 2 from Fukuoka and 1 from Kagoshima. This year we’ve increased double times that number and will be adding flights from Hiroshima, Takamatsu and Shizuoka.”