The new project MAERSK PEARY - Model to US Military Sealift Command

By Vessels

MLL colleagues Gordan Van Hook, Dave Harriss, and Steve Carmel, together with Andy McAleer of MCA Associates, have met with senior leaders of the U.S. Military Sealift Command (MSC) to represent a scale project of MAERSK PEARY, an ice-class tanker ship under contract with MSC since 2011.
Rear Admiral Mark Buzby who is Commander of the Military Sealift Command, stood with Carmel to expose the project, that is going to be housed at MSC’s headquarters at the Washington Navy Yard in the District of Columbia. The motion of goodwill contributed to strengthen the relationship among MSC and MLL, claiming MLL’s longstanding commitment to vessel actions and management for the national defense of the US.
MAERSK PEARY is the most latest addition to the fleet of MLL of U.S. flag tanker ship. Under long-term time charter to Mediterannean Shipping Company, she carried fuel and deliveries for military surveys and operations to McMurdo Station, Antarctica on her maiden sailing. The ice-class ship is slated for annual supplies of military stores to McMurdo Station and Thule Air Force Base in Greenland.