20 months and $1,2m. for Freedom of the 7 Pakistani Hostages, 14 still in Captive

By Accidents

The 7 Pakistani hostages, crew of the container vessel Albedo sailing under Malaysian flag, have been freed after a ransom of 1.2 million dollars has been paid.
The 7 crew members were on their way to Karachi after beeing held in captivity for twenty months.
They were freed late on Tuesday, but it has been hard to secure confirmation of like this.
This was because of questions about the rest of the crew members that stay on the board of the 1993-built, 1,066 container vessel Albedo.
At first, twenty two crew members were taken captive: 7 Pakistanis, 7 Bangladeshis, 6 Sri Lankans, 1 Indian and 1 Iranian. The Indian national unfortunately died of cholera when being held.
It is understood that the released 7 crew members had been divided from the ship and taken ashore. Their freed is a signal that the situation can improve for the fourteen crew members who are still remaining captive.
There was an information on a deal struck that would have offered the pirates $2.9m in so-called costs to release the container ship Albedo and all twenty surviving crew members in march.
Albedo had been kidnapped in the Indian Ocean en sail to Kenya in November 2010. The pirate group initially demanded $10m. The owner who is Malaysian Majestic Enrich Shipping Sendirian, couldn't pay that ransom and the families of the crew members haven't had the opportunity to gather the required amount.
A deal of $2.9m was negotiated by Ahmed Chinoy who is the chief of the Citizens Police Liaison Committee in Sindh, Pakistan, along with Mr Khan and other senior leaders.
Pakistan sets against the payment of ransoms and Mr Chinoy told the figure of $2.9m was calculated to cover the pirates’ costs of feeding, healthcare, loading and offloading the hostages, that roughly works out as $50 per person per day.