Nigeria gunmen attacked oil vessel - 2 dead, 4 kidnapped

By Piracy

Gunmen in Nigeria have attacked an oil ship off the coast. Results of the attack - 2 navy sailors from Nigeria dead and 4 kidnapped from different nationality.
The attackers are pursued off the Niger Delta. In the operation 2 navy sailors were injured.
The nationality of the kidnapped people: Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and Iran.
Raids in the Niger Delta have decreased if looking 2009.
The vessel that was under attack is owned by Sea Trucks Group, an oil services company working around the world.
The incident occurred in the morning, 50km off the coast of Nigeria.
The massively polluted delta is Nigeria's important oil-producing area.
That comes in time when Nigeria's oil and gas industry and oil production has achieved a record of 2.7m barrels per day, the BBC's Will Ross in Lagos told.
The region is poor regardless of huge benefits for the multinational energy companies.
Local citizens crave to see more of those money engaged in improving their housing and services.
According to reports and data gathered the piracy is increasing in West Africa.
This year, International Maritime Bureau announced it has documented 17 pirate raids in Nigerian waters - more attacks than the last year.