The Anti Ship Entry System (ASES) - new way to protect ships from pirates

By Piracy

Anti Ship Entry System ASES - this defense system is designed to stop pirate hijackings of ships. All is working in automatic way, no additional costs for security guards are needed. All attacks by pirates to kidnap the vessel will be useless if the vessel is equipped with this new system for protection. An interface has to be installed on the ship.
The good thing about this new technology is that only vessels sailing in high risk areas need to have this system.

System details:
In case of an attempt of hijacking “System-Start” is activated with a push button on the control panel on the bridge or from the deck of the vessel.
ASES installed on the vessel can also be moved manually. ASES has good positioning, in this case the vessel is fully protected from all sides. The possibility of the pirates landing from a helicopter is not possible because the ASES can be held in the horizontal defense position.
The ASES can be operational when there is a fog or when it's dark.
The boom height can vary so that the rotating chain wheels contact the surface of the water building a wall of water along the length of the vessel.
The defense of the vessel in case of weapons attack is built with the high speed contra-rotating overlapping chain wheels (wall of chains) which have the effect of deflecting and in this way reducing the speed of oncoming fire power.