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Carnival Cruises has decided to give their clients an array of perks for a fee with its new "Faster to the Fun" idea.
The money passengers have to pay is $49.95 per cabin, this gives them bonuses generally used by elite members of the loyalty program.
For example if a passenger pay this amount of money he'll have a privileges like priority dinner seating, fast-track embarkation, express guest services access and priority tendering - perks generally are available for Diamond (200-plus days of cruising) and Platinum-level (75-199 cruise days) members of Carnival's VIFP (Very Important Fun Person) program.
Faster to the Fun purchasers will be permitted to access to their cabin, very fast luggage delivery and choice of time of debarkation. Now Diamond and Platinum VIFP passengers traveling on the 2 test vessels also will be available to these new perks without paying more.

But what if all passengers are eligible for this new test program? There is information that the capacity will be under control. Carnival didn't tell how many of these Faster to the Fun packages will be available per a cruise.
In order VIFP members to be differentiated , a new Faster to the Fun line at the port will enable the fast-track embarkation, while still allowing Diamond and Platinum members their VIP embarkation experience.
Faster to the Fun is in test on Carnival Imagination starting August 20 and Carnival Liberty starting August 25. It is not known what the results will be.