The container ship MSC Gemma collided with fenders at Zandvliet Lock in Antwerp, Belgium. The accident happened during entering into the lock with assistance of two tug, but presuming at too high speed.

Container ship MSC Gemma damaged after collision in Antwerp

According to the local authorities the container ship MSC Gemma was drifted by the strong wind to the tenders. The ship was carrying only 400 TEUs on board and has excessive lateral wind area, which made the vessel unresistant to the stormy weather.

After the collision MSC Gemma got large breach with length of 3-4 meters in starboard side above the waterline, but remained afloat and proceeded to Antwerp.

The ship will be repaired during cargo handling operations and will be inspected by the local authorities before return in service. The Zandvliet Lock did not suffered any damage and did not interrupted service.