Killed 2 Guardians and 4 foreign crew members Kidnapped

By Piracy

A searching operation is on its way for 4 men that were kidnapped by pirates who stormed a vessel being used by an oil servicing organization in the waters off southeastern Nigeria during which 2 Nigerian naval guardians were killed and another 2 were wounded.
"An oil servicing organization was attacked by pirates," told in a statement Commodore Kabir Aliyu. "We lost 2 of our men and 4 expatriates were abducted, 1 Malaysian, 1 Iranian," adding that a Thai and an Indonesian were also taken. He told the attack took place around thirty three n.m. off the coast of Bonny, Nigeria's major oil export terminal in the Niger Delta region.
The owners of the ship Jascon, which is owned by the Dutch Sea Trucks Group, confirmed that 4 of its personnel had been abducted and that 2 other security guardians were also wounded in the attack. The 2 remaining injured security crew members are now in Port Harcourt hospital.
"Sea Trucks Group is doing every effort to find out where the kidnappers are," the company spokeswoman Corrie van Kessel told in a statement.
Security in the region has enhanced since criminal and guerrilla violence shut down approximately half of Nigeria's oil output around the middle of the last decade, attributed to an amnesty among rebels, criminal gangs and the government, according to Reuters.
But the situation is still volatile and inflamed by organised crime and native political rivalries quarrelling over remuneration from national oil exploitation.
Piracy and kidnapping in the region and offshore are common, and West Africa's oil-rich Gulf of Guinea is 2nd only to the waters off Somalia for the risk of pirate kidnaps, that drives up insurance costs.
The attacks are watched more as a criminal enterprise than as anything political. Nigerian pirates generally release kidnapped crews after their cargo has been situated, rather than holding them for ransom as Somali pirates do.