Carnival's new Project ‘Faster to the Fun’ piloted on 2 Cruises

By Cruise

Airlines have made it, so it is not a surprise that a cruise line is now proposing perks-for-a-fee - perks that are generally booked for their most loyal cruisers. Carnival Cruise Lines has started making tests a new program on 2 vessels that secures participating travelers with an array of attractive benefits accessible for purchase via the new Faster to the Fun program.
The pilot project is going to roll out August 20th on Carnival Imagination and August 25th on Carnival Liberty. "Faster to the Fun" is including early lading, early stateroom possibility, express baggage delivery service to staterooms, priority for dinner seats and tender possibility, and choice of early or late debarkation. The project gives the chance to the cruisers to get their “Fun Ship” excursion began early and also including express permission to the vessels’ guest services desk for any assistance passengers might need in the time of their sailing.
Carnival states that "Faster to the Fun" was made based on extensive passengers surveys that indicated a strong interest in a fee-based pack securing priority access and benefits. However, the jury is still out on whether this is going to be a short-lived trial or a permanent feature. Online, message board posters expose the new program announcement a mixed bag of responses. Some of the passengers really like it, while others are not so happy that they have spent few thousands of dollars and weeks at sea to earn the perks that anyone might now purchase for what is a pittance by comparison.
The Faster to the Fun project is capacity operated and space is limited, so that must be some consolation to top tier loyalists that are concerned that such benefits as their permission to a particular line at guest services might be compromised. For Diamond and Platinum level members of Carnival’s VIFP (Very Important Fun Person) Club passenger recognition project, all Faster to the Fun benefits, tat include the 2 new benefits of early stateroom possibility and express baggage delivery service, are accessible free of charge.
Faster to the Fun is currently accessible for buying in conjunction with sailings on the Carnival Imagination and Carnival Liberty through the shore excursion section of Carnival Cruise Company. The cost is 49.95 dollars per stateroom (regardless of number of occupants). After ordering a "Faster to the Fun" pack, participants are going to need to re-print boarding documents so Faster to Fun is reflected on them.