Oil industry suffers from pirate attacks loses $1bn

By Piracy

African countries are seriously concerned about piracy and the economic consequences. Pirate activity is mainly located in 3 regions Somali coast/The Gulf of Aden, West Africa near Nigeria and the Mozambique Channel/Cape sea route in Southern Africa.
African waters become the most dangerous spots on the map for sailing. All this provoked worldwide counter efforts.
Somali Coast is the most dangerous place with more than half of the pirate attacks for a year in Africa. 439 pirate attacks worldwide half of them made by Somali pirates attacking in the Gulf of Aden, the Red sea.
What is the balance so far?
Over $1billion losses from pirate attacks in the region according to information from International Maritime Organization
There are good indication for stopping the pirates worldwide for the first half this year. 177 incidents reported for the first half of this year and 266 pirate attacks for the same period last year.
Few ships are hijacked 21 to 13.