Gem Sensors to Detect the Presence of Water in Fuel

By Curious

Sensors with a Gem & Controls release of the WIF-1250, a no-moving-parts instrument to observe presence of water in fuel.
US manufacturer Gems® Sensors & Controls™ (Gems) is a provider of liquid level, pressure, and flow sensors, tiny solenoid valves, and fluidic technologies release a new conductivity which is based on sensor to observe the presence of water in fuel and lubricating oil with a broad range of applications.
The WIF-1250 sensor is particularly designed to find the presence of water in fuel. It is also perfect for use with fuel filters, and in compressor crank cases to define if water is present in the lubricating oil. Based on dependable conductivity system, WIF-1250 sensors are built from sturdy nickel plated steel for compatibility with temperatures up to 257°F (125°C), and are appropriate for the most challenging environments or applications. The compact sensor is a solution that can be afforded by many companies and is easy to be installed and might be mounted in any position.
The WIF-1250 is a solid state which is deendable solution which contains integral, high-temperature-rated electronics that produce an alternating voltage to a probe tip. The presence of water completes the circuit that, in turn, changes the condition of the transistor output.