Costa Concordia plan for wreck cleaning

By Accidents

The Italian-American Consortium, TITAN/Micoperi, showed the prepared plan for the cleaning of the wreck Costa Concordia to people from Osservatorio.
The presentation presented the last ideas the plan. Last months activities have concentrated on the testing of the different techs needed for successfully execute the operation and the increasing need to stop or contain any potential danger to the surrounding area.
The drilling techniques that will be used have been selected with caution and the seabed has been mapped, which will help in making smaller the effects on the environment. The marine environment (turbidity, sediments distribution, current patterns, sea mammals, etc …), as well as the land environment (air quality, noise, vibrations, etc.), have been evaluated. When work starts the impact on the area will be monitored. As the plan continues, the different steps will be confirmed with the Osservatorio team and the specialist who work on site to ensure feasibility and well-being of the ecosystem surrounding the ship Costa Concordia.
Orders were shortly placed for all the things needed for operations. These purchases will have a good impact on Italy’s national industry and the local business.
The wreck cleaning plan has a new time that estimates the parbuckling and refloating to be finish by Spring of 2013.
The team of TITAN-Micoperi, plus Costa Crosciere and the Osservatorio, stay committed to pursuing all appropriate solutions that will save the time the wreck cleaning.