Parents lash out at United for 'losing' unaccompanied daughter

By Cruise

United Airlines is drawing criticism from a San Francisco parents that alleges the airline "lost" their 10-year-old daughter as she was flying as an unaccompanied minor on the carrier.
Annie and Perry Klebahn of San Francisco told they paid a $99 unaccompanied minor fee to have their summer camp-bound child Phoebe travel from San Francisco to Traverse City, Mich., via Chicago O'Hare. She had an hour for the next connection, information from Klebahns, whose information had been picked up by major outlets like NBC, FOX News and the CBC of Canada.
The Klebahns, who have tried to draw attention to the issue by presenting to the society a letter of complaint to United.
The mother, Annie Klebahn informs that her initial call was routed to a United call center in India, where the phone agents returned principally useless information. Annie told she was placed on hold several times, with people twice telling her that her daughter had in fact made it to Traverse City before another agent told that the child missed her connection in Chicago.
Perry Klebahn, an elite frequent-flier member with United Airlines, obviously had better luck when he called a special number for elite-level customers. His U.S.-based representative said that Phoebe missed her connection.
Perry informs he pleaded with the United Airlines agent – who at first said she was "going off her shift" – to aid locate his daughter. She at last relented, according to the Klebahn's account, and Phoebe was found about 15 minutes later and put into contact with her parents.
The 10-year-old Phoebe at last made it to Traverse City, but about 4 hours behind schedule and without her luggage.