AIDA Cruises go "green" in the Port of Hamburg

By Cruise

AIDA Cruises and Becker Marine Systems, cooperating with other partners, have designed an energy-saving and eco-friendly power supply for cruise ships at berth in the port of Hamburg using LNG.
Plans for the next summer are AIDAsol to be the first cruise vessel docked in Hamburg’s Grasbrook City utilizing electricity power by an LNG hybrid barge.
The fleet operated by AIDA is ready for the use of onshore power.
But, with the 3 litre LNG hybrid barge, it is discovered a better solution, which shows how modern environmental technology can be used clever.
The Schramm Group, operator of the 1st German LNG transshipment port, will have the control over the barge.
Compared to nornal marine diesel with 0.1% sulfur, in near future sulfur oxides (SOx) will be gone because of the new technology for ships in port.
Nitrogen oxides and carbon dioxide will be reduced up to 80% and 30%.