Counter piracy team disrupt attacked dhows

By Piracy

Counter piracy team from the EU Naval Force Somalia (EU NAVFOR) Operation Atalanta and NATO disrupted two pirated dhows and saved the people taken hostage in the Gulf of Aden.
Six days ago, a doubtful dhow, reportedly pirated in Bosaso – Somalia, was found near the coast of Oman by the Spanish EU NAVFOR Maritime Patrol and Reconnaissance Aircraft (MPRA). The French EU Naval Force frigate La Fayette was ordered to stop and search for suspicious things the dhow. The pirate gang had left the dhow, leaving the ship and the people in it no injured. Information from the crew, the attackers fled the scene on a second pirated dhow.
The 2nd pirated dhow heading towards the Somali coast was intercepted by EU Naval Force frigate FGS Sachsen.
The Sachsen was joined by EU NAVFOR flagship ITS San Giusto and the NATO flagship HNLMS Rotterdam in the pursuit.
After careful planning by the Commanders of EU NAVFOR and NATO, HNLMS Rotterdam’s amphibious craft blocked the dhow’s path to the shorelines making it to stop. With EU NAVFOR vessels and helis protecting them, a Dutch forces was capable to board the dhow, saving its crew and arresting 6 suspected pirates.
The partnership between EU Naval Force Somalia Operation Atalanta and NATO Operation OCEAN SHIELD to fight piracy in the Gulf of Aden and the Western Indian Ocean is quite successful.